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Camera di Commercio di Massa-Carrara
Per informazioni relative a quest'area rivolgersi a:



Piazza 2 Giugno n.16
54033 Carrara (MS)

0585/764232 - 266 - 223


da lunedì a venerdì (8.30 - 12.15);
martedì e giovedì anche (15.00 - 16.00)

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Catalog Import/Export

English Version

The Camber of Commerce is delighted to publish and distribute this index containing names and descriptions of registered businesses in the Province of Massa-Carrara, which trade abroad. The volume has been designed for easy references and, above all, to include the kind of pratical information useful for other firms.
This, albeit simple, pubblication clearly demostrates the pro-active approach of local business people whose enterprise and ability surely meri tour support and encouragment.


The Chamber of Commerce would like to apologize for any mistakes  and imperfections and be grateful to all those who wish to kindly inform  the Office for the Promotion of Tourism, conbined Work-school.